I decided in 1966 to build a work table for my various projects. It is of heavy plank mortise and tenon and wooden pin construction. It is still in daily use as one of my main benches in my workshop. Table and cabinet parts of many sizes and types have been shaped and polished on the vises mounted to its surface.

The tables I have created over the years have varied from highly polished Queen Anne cabriole leg inlaid gaming tables to very massive medieval influenced harvest and great room tables with carved aprons, reverse point champhers and iron banding to waxed and polished office computer desks with secret drawers.

Classical architectural proportions and sacred geometry serve as the design basis of the finished product.


I am passionate about making tables. I find many times in life great moments of both work and pleasure occur around

I do all design, wood procurement, joinery and finish. Your table will be one of a kind. At most times I have several
individual custom tables in stock or will work with you to design the piece you require in the size and wood specie of
your choice.

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